Around 35,000 people die in car accidents each year. People have accepted this number for too long without even bothering about the precious lives lost. It is our duty to avoid deaths and injuries at traffic intersections and highway ramps. This stat of traffic death can be improved by simply working on a better system to eliminate all vehicular crashes and fatalities.

The best chances for zero traffic fatalities: the vision to eliminate vehicle crashes is only possible with the latest technologies in the market. Technology such as infrared sensors and radar systems are available to prevent crashes. They are just not being used effectively in the right direction. There is a huge potential for controlling traffic with the best use of technology.

reduce road accidents

Technology to Reduce Road Accidents

There are so many advanced technologies in the market to fit your car as a personal guidance system that makes driving safer by alerting the driver when it is getting out of a lane. For example, there are sensors in pedestrian crossings that can tell if someone is trying to cross the road. The technology exists, but it’s not being used on a wide scale which means there are deaths from road accidents everywhere.

The technology works as when a pedestrian steps off the curb and crosses the street, a camera in the road would detect it to pass along the passing cars. It would help to trigger an advanced system where the software automatically reduces the car’s speed to ensure that it doesn’t hit them. This can be a great step towards achieving the goal to eliminate traffic deaths in accidents.

Technology to Eliminate Road Accidents

It is believed that with the right amount of technology, it can be made sure that there are no more road accidents. This technology is called ADAS (Adaptive Dynamic Assist Systems). These are quite similar to technologies in newer cars which slow down the car when it is accelerating too fast. This technology is now used in an integrated manner so that a car does what it needs to do automatically, without depending on a driver for control or having to take over from a driver at an intersection on their own.

Technologies like a radar system integrated into traffic lights could alert drivers when they are too close to a car that is coming towards them on the not-yet-green signal phase to slow down and avoid an accident. The vision for achieving zero roadway deaths has the best odds to work only when supplied with technology.

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