The Emergency Response Symposium

September 28 - 29, 2015 | Buffalo, New York

TSAG and ITS NY hosted The Emergency Response Sypmosium on emergency response, emergency management and their role in the increasingly connected transportation environment.

Agenda, media coverage and more information can be found here.

On-Board Device Distraction Paper

The Transportation Safety Advancement Group (TSAG) asked the Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) to produce a white paper to explore the technologies and required interactions with those technologies inside emergency response vehicles.  This paper also explored the problems generated by high cognitive workload and distraction and how these problems impact driving performance and safety. 

View the Emergency Vehicle Operators On-Board Device Distractions Paper

Emergency Response Day

Emergency Response (ER) Day has been an ITS Annual Meeting tradition since 2011. Each year the ITS Annual Meeting brings together emergency responders and transportation industry professionals to highlight specific technology solutions that protect travelers and the public safety personnel who serve them.

Emergency Response Day 2015 featured a Data Jam where responders, students, and ITS professionals worked together to develop application ideas to solve major data, communications, and safety issues in the world of Traffic Incident Management and Emergency Response. More infromation on the Data Jam is here.

Emergency Response Day 2014 featured a mock-incident held on Belle Isle in Detroit:

Our 8 Communities of Interest

TSAG is comprised of sixteen members representing eight communities of interest.
  • Law Enforcement
    Primary authority in preserving incident scenes, enforcing laws & maintaining public order
  • Fire & Rescue
    Preventing and suppressing fire, providing primary medical assistance, protecting property
  • Emergency Medical Services
    Providing on-scene aid and medical care and treatment and transportation of injured victims
  • Emergency Management
    Multi-discipline management of incident impacts. Evacuation management and public information
  • Emergency Communications
    Maintain voice, data, and video communications for effectively serving incident scene management
  • Technology & Telematics
    Advancing vehicle and roadway and roadside technologies to support ITS and safety systems
  • Transportation Operations
    Manage highways and transportation systems through surveillance, guidance and control systems
  • Academic & Research
    Intellectual development, knowledge transfer and testing of innovative technologies and transportation policy
Medical emergency

Promoting Technology for Public Safety

The Transportation Safety Advancement Group (TSAG) is an assembly of multi-discipline professionals sharing a common concern for transportation and public safety. TSAG serves as a forum for providing technologies for public safety input and guidance to the US Department of Transportation, ITS Joint Program Office. TSAG members are dedicated to enhancing traveler safety on our nation’s roadways through the application of advanced technologies and the promotion of inter-discipline and inter-agency cooperation.

The ITS Joint Program Office serves as the principal guide on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) applications for transportation operations and management and on transportation safety technology policy.TSAG members are representatives of key interest-communities, including Fire & Rescue, Emergency Communications, Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Services, Transportation Operations, Emergency Management, Technology & Telematics, and Academic & Research. TSAG members are expert practitioners from public and private transportation operations and public safety arenas and serve an official outreach and knowledge transfer function on behalf of the ITS Joint Program Office.

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