Case Studies Workshops Series

Within a workshop setting, TSAG members and other public safety professionals reviewed actual incidents or special events through a case study format. Workshops focused on assessments of emergency response and management strategies and the application of technology-based tools and applications employed to serve public safety needs as well as the employed technologies successes, failures, and lessons-learned. Workshop presenters typically provided overviews of public safety institutional settings, emergency response policies and emergency responder strategies, actions and resources employed.

WorkshopWorkshop objectives revolved around the TSAG technologies for public safety mission. Through assessments of actual recent events and first-responder experiences, Case Studies Workshops facilitated after-event discussions by multi-discipline and multi-agency professionals for the purpose of:

  • Clarifying actual circumstances of the event or incident
  • Discussing established response policies, protocols and procedures
  • Reviewing public safety technology applications
  • Identifying unique management and response circumstances and challenges
  • Reviewing successes, failures, and lessons-leaned

T3 Case Studies Webinars
TSAG Case Studies Workshops were accessible for remote participation through the US DOT, Research & Innovative Technology Administration (RITA) Talking Transportation Technology (T3) webinar program. Webinar target audiences included public safety practitioners, emergency services planners, transportation operations and communications managers and emergency responder professionals.

Fort Hood, Texas Army Base Shooting Incident

Webinar Overview

2009 Fort Hood, Texas Army Base Shooting Incident: A Multi-Agency Emergency

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A Multi-Agency Emergency: TSAG Case Studies Workshop & Webinar

Minnesota I-35 Bridge Collapse

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Utah Motor Coach Crash

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