Communities of Interest

The Transportation Safety Advancement Group (TSAG) is comprised of a number of different communities of interest involved in advancing transportation safety.  Although interrelated, and in some cases overlapping in interests and responsibilities, these communities of interest are used to ensure that a broad cross section of TSAG-related disciplines are represented.  The intention behind defining these communities of interest is the desire to be inclusive rather than to create stove pipes of interests.  It is understood that within emergency response there is often a great deal of interplay between these communities and TSAG respects the cross-cutting nature of transportation safety interests.  TSAG communities of interest include:

Academic + Research

Play key roles in research, education, and evaluation of transportation technologies, as well as performance measurement of technology applications and systems operations.

Emergency Communications

Serve as the primary communication link for the public to obtain assistance from public safety professionals, and manage the technologies, data, interoperability issues, and communications frequencies utilized for incident response and initial incident management.

Emergency Management

Address coordinated response to unplanned events or catastrophic incidents through multi- agency communications and multidiscipline/multilevel management strategies.

 Emergency Medical Services

Represent the front line of on-scene assessment, medical treatment, and evacuation of victims in life threatening circumstances from incident sites to emergency department settings.

Fire + Rescue

Serve fire-suppression needs, hazardous materials handling, victim rescue/extraction, and incident scene management operations support.

Law Enforcement

Serve as the first line authority in incident response and management including incident scene management and protection, and incident evidence preservation.

Technology & Telematics

Provide multi-level technology applications for transportation operations and for interfacing between drivers, vehicles, and infrastructures, through communications and integrated systems.

Transportation Operations

Oversee day-to-day surveillance, control, and management of transportation systems and multimodal networks through inter-agency and inter-discipline communication and coordination.

Governing Agencies

Responsible for ensuring safe, efficient, and environmentally sound transportation systems for the travelling public.


TSAG is organized under its bylaws to provide general input and promote public and transportation safety within the US DOT ITS Joint Program Office. Administered by ITE and supported through US DOT resources, TSAG complies with US DOT policies and regulations. Within this framework, TSAG functions through a proactive dialogue between representatives of its interest communities, ITS JPO staff, and US DOT Modal Administrations, collectively dedicated to advancing the safety, efficiency, economy, and environmental quality of transportation operations. From its inception, the collection of a representative member team of multi-discipline professionals dedicated to a common public safety mission has strengthened TSAG’s ability to achieve its goals.