Promoting Technology for Public Safety

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“As the Transportation Safety Advancement Group excites a national dialogue on promoting TECHNOLOGY for public safety, the ITS Joint Program Office, through its PARTNERSHIP with TSAG looks forward to hearing from front line practitioners engaged in day-to-day transportation and public safety operations and management. YOUR INSIGHT, experiences and lessons-learned will help bring into better focus the future of advanced technologies to improve TRANSPORTATION SAFETY, mobility and efficiency.”

Linda Dodge, Public Safety Programs Manager
ITS Joint Program Office
US Department of Transportation


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TSAG Operating Principles

Through its advice to US DOT, and the Research and Innovative Technology Administration, ITS Joint Program Office, TSAG is dedicated to advancing public safety across transportation modes, across transportation services and functions, and across transportation and public safety jurisdictions. To these ends, TSAG has shaped this Strategic Plan through observance of its refined Operating Principles, including:

Public Safety Through Technology
The advancement of proven and emerging technologies for traveler safety and for the safety of emergency services providers remains a TSAG priority as these and as broader Intelligent Transportation Systems are deployed along our nation’s multi-mode transportation networks.

Public Safety Through Strategic Alliances
Strategic Alliances, partnerships and institutional frameworks that serve to advance transportation safety and mobility through technology are encouraged and will be promoted through TSAG support of relevant public policy, technology research, and competitive and open technology markets.

Public Safety Through Knowledge Transfer
TSAG will advance traveler and emergency responder safety through forums that share knowledge, promote awareness and exchange experiences - all employed to create a national awareness of, and connection to, transportation and public safety goals and achievements.

About TSAG

The Transportation Safety Advancement Group (TSAG) serves an important function on behalf of the US Department of Transportation (US DOT), Research, Innovation and Technology Administration (RITA), and its ITS-Joint Program Office, (ITS-JPO). Through its members and allied stakeholder groups, TSAG identifies surface transportation-based technologies and applications and promotes a national dialogue on public safety practitioners’ first hand experiences and corresponding best practices and lessons learned. Accordingly, TSAG looks toward a national transportation services Vision that fulfills a state of public safety such that:

TSAG Vision
Travelers and public safety responders fully protected by the use of Intelligent Transportation Systems.

TSAG Mission
The Transportation Safety Advancement Group identifies effective ITS technologies and practices, disseminates actionable information and engages diverse stakeholders to improve the safety of travelers and public safety responders.