2019-2020 Work Plan

Outreach around Special Projects

TSAG can only fulfill its vision and pursue its mission with an effective outreach program. Because of the often segmented nature of the transportation community, effective channels of communication and knowledge transfer must be undertaken in order for traveler and emergency responder safety advocacy to be effective. Therefore, as special projects are completed, TSAG fosters and manages strategic partnerships with appropriate transportation communities, using tools such as meetings, briefings, presentations, a widely marketed website, and outreach materials to be distributed at key industry events. TSAG is currently developing a formal TSAG Outreach Plan to assist in the key outreach function that TSAG is intended to serve.

The following special projects were identified and completed in the 2016-2018 Work Plan:

2019-2020 Special Projects

TSAG has pursued several special projects in order to advance its vision of protecting travelers and the public safety personnel who serve them. These special projects allow TSAG to take creative and innovative approaches to advocating for and promoting emergency responder and traveler safety. TSAG has identified the following special projects for the 2019-2020 Strategic Plan and Work Plan described briefly below and presented in priority order:

  • CV and AV Needs Specific to Emergency Response (use cases): This project will address vehicle to responder communications (hazardous conditions needs, special equipment needs – e.g., extrication), unique behavior of CVs and AVs in emergency response scenarios, and CV and AV needs from responders including standards and specifications. It will also identify behaviors of vehicles in response to emergency vehicles (e.g., how a level 4 AV will behave as an emergency response vehicle approaches).
  • Transportation-related Public Safety Apps: This project will include several key steps including: review and classification of current transportation related public safety apps, gap identification, recommendations on specific areas of need/priorities to private and public sector providers, development of a structure for a public safety centric hackathon (and identify possible sponsors), coordination with FirstNet (or other identified providers) to develop apps to meet the gaps and identify and document activities that occur as a result of this effort.
  • TMC – PSAP Interoperability: Real time information sharing and interoperability between traffic management centers (TMC) and public safety answering points (PSAP) provide enhanced detection, notification, response, and incident clearance. This project will look at case studies/best practices on effective integration (shared platforms, automated data sharing, speed dial, other) and review pooled-fund studies to develop a synthesis of best practices for TMC/PSAP data sharing and integration. It will look at locations that have an extraordinary level of interface, document experience to share with others and develop case studies on effective integration. Further, it will examine institutional issues and system integration in targeted areas including but not limited to Minnesota, Virginia, Maryland, and Austin.

Each project will be developed to include outreach strategies and measures of effectiveness. ITE will work with the TSAG Executive Committee and the project committee, if one is designated, to develop a scope of work and schedule for the project.

In addition to targeted outreach around the special projects, TSAG will continue to help bring together the emergency responder and general transportation/ITS communities whenever the opportunity presents itself, through webinars, presentations at conferences, demonstrations or other events, and in coordination with the National Operations Center of Excellence.