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Can We Save More Lives on America’s Roads?

Consumer Reports explores the promise of improved transportation safety, the technology reshaping the auto industry and the still challenging highway fatality numbers by looking at four aspects: the car, the road, the driver and the crash dummy of the future.

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Step Aside, Cities – Innovations in Rural Mobility

Urban mobility gets all the headlines, but technology can also transform transportation outside cities. Wyoming is turning I-80 into a connected corridor that promises to drastically improve safety for truck drivers and the public. Emergency managers are looking at innovations in transportation to save lives. This session will explore how mobility providers are adapting to...

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The Use of ITS in Risk and Emergency Management

The Use of Intelligent Transportation Systems in Risk and Emergency Management for Road Transport Planning and Operation Road transport quality is critical to a country’s overall development and sustainable growth. Managing road transportation networks is challenging due to uncertainties induced from related activities, such as agency management, program development, project delivery, maintenance, and operational aspects.

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A Stark Reality – Ambulance Crash Statistics

As noted in the linked article, vehicle fatality rates are estimated to be up to 4.8 times higher for emergency responders than average vehicle fatality rates nationally. An estimated 6,500 crashes involving ambulances occur each year; 35 percent of which result in injury or fatality to at least 1 occupant of an involved vehicle. This is...

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Hyundai Concept Car Has Firefighting Potential

At the Consumer Electronics Show Hyundai unveiled a concept car aimed at emergency responders as well as search and rescue teams. The vehicle, which is not planned for production, was made with extending legs… [READ MORE]

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TSAG Activities at Institute of Transportation Engineers 2018 Annual Meeting

TSAG leadership presented to the Institute of Transportation Engineers International Board of Direction at their Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN August 20, 2018 information to familiarize Board members with the role and activities of TSAG: TSAG 101 – What We Do / Why We Do It TSAG Project Status Update In addition, TSAG representatives presented...

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