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Keeping The Dialogue for TSMO Going: Program Plan Roundtable


State Departments of Transportation, Regional and Local Transportation agencies address TSMO using various methods – however, TSMO struggles to rise to a level of primary focus within these agencies.  In cases where TSMO has some visibility within an agency, it’s often vaguely weaved into the high-level agency goals or is a part of long list of projects/activities identified to address a specific issue, but not mainstreamed into the agency’s business architecture.

TSMO program plan lays out the important role of TSMO in the agency. It describes what the TSMO program seeks to accomplish, including strategic goals, objectives, and focus areas. As importantly, it describes how the organization is structured and how work is accomplished toward those objectives, who is involved and their roles; and what resources are needed and will be deployed. It may also include identification of investment priorities to support desired performance outcomes.  TSMO program planning also sustains a TSMO mission within the agency and helps to ensure effective delivery of TSMO program services.

FHWA, AASHTO, the National Operations Center of Excellence NOCoE are sponsoring a series of TSMO Program Plan Development Roundtables.  The Development of TSMO Program Plans was the number item called out as an item to pursue from the SHRP2 Reliability (L06) effort –the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) workshops, which assisted agencies in gauging their TSMO state of practice and the development of an implementation plan to advance operations in their respective states and regions.  Many of these agencies have developed TSMO Program Plans and/or developed procedures to deliberately integrate TSMO into their existing business processes and have participated in past roundtable – the recordings are here.


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National Operations Center of Excellence Website: www.transportationops.org