Fire + Rescue

Autonomous Car Tester Offers Guide for Firefighters

Google spinoff Waymo is trying to educate emergency responders on how to deal with its autonomous vehicles. Waymo released a training video on YouTube Thursday geared toward guiding public safety officials responding to incidents involving their self-driving cars. The 14-minute instructional video advises how to put a car in manual mode and what precautions firefighters...

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Step Aside, Cities – Innovations in Rural Mobility

Urban mobility gets all the headlines, but technology can also transform transportation outside cities. Wyoming is turning I-80 into a connected corridor that promises to drastically improve safety for truck drivers and the public. Emergency managers are looking at innovations in transportation to save lives. This session will explore how mobility providers are adapting to...

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A Stark Reality – Ambulance Crash Statistics

As noted in the linked article, vehicle fatality rates are estimated to be up to 4.8 times higher for emergency responders than average vehicle fatality rates nationally. An estimated 6,500 crashes involving ambulances occur each year; 35 percent of which result in injury or fatality to at least 1 occupant of an involved vehicle. This is...

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Hyundai Concept Car Has Firefighting Potential

At the Consumer Electronics Show Hyundai unveiled a concept car aimed at emergency responders as well as search and rescue teams. The vehicle, which is not planned for production, was made with extending legs… [READ MORE]

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300,000 Emergency Responders Have Completed TIM Training

In this View from the Administration available from AASHTOvideo, Transportation TV takes you to the November 16, 2017  news conference where U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao announced that 300,000 emergency responders nationwide had completed a training program designed to save lives. Chao used the press conference to encourage emergency responders to complete the Federal...

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